Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bread Update

Since my last post, I've made the American Sandwich Bread twice.  Both times I made a double batch and they turned out beautifully.  Definitely can't do three loaves at once though - two barely fits in my mixer bowl.  The recipe freezes well, and lasts at least a week out of the freezer.  I love bread making day watching my pretty loaves do their thing and then the heavenly smell as they bake into their yummy goodness.

My good neighbor let me borrow Homestead Blessings: The Art of Making Bread and I finally got around to watching it yesterday.  Very cute with a very homespun feel.  It doesn't explain the how's and why's of making bread, but goes through the process of making bread step-by-step.  If you are nervous about trying to make your own bread this will show you how easy it really can be.  My husband and I giggled though at their bare feet (that for some reason the camera kept showing) and how obvious it was that the girls are siblings as they keep correcting each other.

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